The Bali Culture Workshop is the richest source of Balinese culture in all of Bali. It is located in Ubud, the heart of traditional Balinese culture and contains:

  • A traditional Balinese shadow puppet theatre¬†featuring regular weekly performances.
  • A school of traditional Balinese puppet-making and Balinese dance – workshops can be booked for individuals and groups.
  • An art gallery containing traditional Balinese artwork of all kinds including puppets, paintings and sculpture. Nowhere will you find more authentic traditional Balinese art for sale.

putra_cokinThe workshop is run by husband and wife team Putra and Cokin. Putra is a traditional Balinese puppeteer and Cokin a renowned traditional Balinese dancer who has travelled the world performing her spellbinding craft.

The workshop is located on the grounds of Oka Kartini B&B in downtown Ubud which is run by Putra and Cokin’s extended family members. For an all-immersive Balinese cultural experience, it is possible to book a family stay in the beautiful traditional Balinese bungalows of Oka Kartini B&B, take part in puppet-making and traditional dance workshops during the day, enjoy delicious Balinese cuisine throughout the day and enjoy a live shadow puppet performance in the evening. A truly unforgettable experience for the entire family!

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